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Peachy Keen Films - Safety Belt

Peachy Keen Films - Safety Belt
"Safety Belt"
Introducing Butterfly


A theif is about to steal a car when the daughter of the owner comes out to mess around. He strangles her to death with the safety belt, then takes her back to his play for some more fun.


Kristy was sitting in her dad's car, knowing she would be getting it soon. Suddenly, a man attacks her, wrapping the safety belt around her neck and violently strangling her. She fights against the restraints, but her small body is no match for his strength and leverage from behind. Slowly she succumbs until her eyes roll up and her head falls forward.

He reaches around, feeling her nubile young body. He has to have her.

So, he loads her in the back seat and drives back to his chop shop. He unloads her, drags her, the carries her into his room, flopping her on his bed.

He is in lust for her. She is so beautiful. He rolls her to one side, then on her back and spends time exploring her through her clothing. he feels every inch of her body, paying special attention to her perfect natural young breast.

After a while, he starts to strip her, sitting her up in the process, the back down--he removes her shoes, pants, shirt--eventually everything.

He spends a lot of time kissing her. Her mouth, wet, he explores her completely with his lips and tongue. He sucks on her breasts, smells her sweet, flowery body. Soon, he is worked up and pulls her up, leaning her against the wall and fucks her mouth.

After a while, he flops her back down. He sticks some pillows under her to rais her ass, then fucks her.

Later, he flips her over to her back, and fucks her corpse some more, watching her perfect breasts bounce and spring.

Eventually, he comes around and unloads in her mouth, leaving her with his cum dripping from her lips.

He poses her with her head hanging off the bed and leaves to go work on the car--thinking about paying her another visit later.

Peachy Keen Films - Safety Belt
Peachy Keen Films - Safety Belt
Peachy Keen Films - Safety Belt

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