Peachy Keen Films-Sexy Killers

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Starring: Summer Houston
Summer and Houston screenplay vengeance against the stud who used and them dumped their buddy Emma. They had a book--an instructional guide to murder and how to get away with it--and they were following it to the letter.
That is... Until they had him corded up on the sofa. The ditzy horney broads determined they wished to have joy with him first-ever. So, while he was in a drugged out state, they disrobed, climbed on him and blew and porked him.
In reality, he had been slobbering out the pills they were providing him, so he was biding his time while the femmes were having their joy. But when the very first dame left Summer alone with him, he attacked--wrapping what were once his bindings stiffly around her neck.
She was not a passive lil' superslut. She sprang into horny and insatiable mode as she threw and distorted and did everything she could to get the string off her neck and get the pulverize out of their. Emma was undoubtedly not worth dying for. But, he was enraged and mighty and kept her reeled in. Her figure heaved and bucked as the cord dug into her skin. She finally moneyless free and thought she would live another day. But he was swift to re-catch her. After jockeying thru a few postures, he eventually gets her where he wants her. Adequately weary, he sets about to killing the ravaging bi-atch that planned to murder him. He worked on her, holding the garrote taut around her neck. Her figure went into involuntary convulses, bucking, yanking and ultimately loosened to death.
He laid her up on the sofa, but she flipped off onto the floor. The other nymph came and he pretended to be corded and drugged. The other female thought Summer was just asleep--exhausted from her latest sexual practice. Now she was insane again and kicking off railing his beef whistle again. But just as she was prepped to jizz, he packaged his mitts around her neck. This tart truly peed him off, and he took that personally. He was going to kill her with his nude palms.
But, she was youthfull and busy too...launching over him to attempt and escape, but he kept his grip--twisting with her. Then he attempted to pull her out and finished up with her bent on top of him, bucking and twitching.
During their fights she controlled to escape two times, but both times he got her back. On the sofa, became off the sofa, and a few twists and posture switches afterward, he had her where he desired her. Using the weight of his assets to give added stress to his palm, he did not let go until the last glimmer of life in this pulverizing tramp was gone.
Now dead, he positioned her back on the sofa and gave her some uninvited attention. Payback is a tramp, but she will not be coming back around for her vengeance ever again. He tastes her honeypot, deepthroats her orbs, then pounds her rock hard. When he tires of that, he tears up her hatch.

Peachy Keen Films-Sexy Killers

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