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Inshadow-Sapho Suffoco

Inshadow-Sapho Suffoco
Download Sapho Suffoco. Syrena and Emmanuelle enjoy a sunny lazy day together in their villa...the kinky lesbians kiss and caress unaware someone is watching them from the distance...Someone who prepares this for some weeks...
He slowly wets the rag with the chloroform, his heart is bitting fast, as it is the first time he will do something like this....but the desire to possess those two is beyond his control...He always dreamed having some lesbian girls tortured under his hands, struggling and at his mercy. Their body offered to him...then he could do whatever he wants to them, fuck them the way he wants, his main fantasy being seeing them suffocated to death...He jerked off a lot on that idea...till he saw those two a few weeks ago in a bar...and started stalking them...
Now he is here, ready, his hands are shaking, he knows it is a one way ticket and what he is about to do will change his life for ever...but is to late to turn back....They don't pay attention, he silently sneaks behind the two sluts, then quickly strikes from behind ...
Both of them are soon laying unconscious...he takes a glance around, but the edges of the villa are well covered by the vegetation so nobody could have noticed what is happening...
He fondles a bit the sleeping beauties, then realizes he had to act fast....
He carries them to the garage...and ties them up to the ceiling, then gags them...
They slowly recover....struggling against the ropes...their screamings being barely audible, their mouth being gagged by thick pieces of clothes,...
These two lesbo bitches are now at his mercy...Still a bit shaking, his hands puts a clear plastic bag on Emmanuelle's head, and secure it by a piece of rope....the job is not easy as she desperatly fights back...
As Emmanuelle Starts looking for air....Syrena tries to help her as she can...but can't do much with her gagged mouth....she enters in panic as she understands her turn has to come....
He suddenly bags her as well....
Both girls are now desperatly gasping for air....in their effort to get some...their gags eventually get off....showing their wide open mouths gasping for oxygen...
He wants them now! His cock is hard and ready....so he will use it...it takes a while, while suffocating, these sluts take it...till the end
Both girls are now laying on the floor...lifeless...their mouth and eyes still wide open...like waiting for something...
Inshadow-Sapho Suffoco
Inshadow-Sapho Suffoco
Inshadow-Sapho Suffoco

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Download Inshadow-Sapho Suffoco

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