Peachy Keen Films -Bedroom Killer

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NOTE: This movie is awesome. AWESOME. If you don't have it and you like teen-themed movies--this is the mother-load of them all. Two very good strangles with great lead in--forced sexual content, and just two very incredibly hot actresses with hot performances. This is the first time it has ever been released as one whole movie--over 1 hour!!!

Keely arrives home from school and is attacked in her bedroom. He punches her hard above the eye, knocking the teenager unconscious. He roughly starts to yank off her backpack. He tosses her up on the bed and starts to molest her. First, slowly feeling her body, then removing her clothing and licking her sweet teenage pussy. He wants more, and wakes her up, the forced her to suck his throbbing cock. After a while of that, he can take it no more and must fuck her. He roughly slips between her legs, letting his cock glide into her tight wet pussy and fucks the little high school girl until he cums all over her mound.

Later he tells the shaken girl that she can get dressed she complies, but he has a change of heart and attacks her. They fall to the floor, struggling. She almost gets away a few times, but finally, he wraps the strap around her neck and pulls her up onto the bed on top of him. She fights hard in this position, so he pulls her back farther on the bed, but she kicks and fights even more. He hangs on for the ride until she weakens a bit, then gets her in a comfortable position between his legs and maintains his tight pull on the strap. She must be a gymnast or something, because she was lasting a lot longer then his other victims. Sweat covered both of them, and foamy spittle and drool came out of her mouth. Her tongue reached out, trying to get air--her eyes would open, then half close, then open wide. Her body started to spasm and shake, accentuating all the sweat on her glistening young body. Finally, after almost 10 minutes, she really started to slow down and had that 1000 yard stare of acceptance--feeling her life slip away. He was grateful this was finally almost over so he could have more fun.

When she was dead, he played with her a little, flopping her wrists and hands, rubbing her body. Then he sat her up and felt her some more, then let her flop back to the bed. He rolled her over and started to explore her ass. Suddenly, he heard a strange sound, it was her phone. It was a text message indicating one of her young friends was on her way over and would let herself in. He quickly hid in the corner just as her friend was opening the door. As she approached her dead friend, he snuck up behind her, but paused. He decided he wanted to see how she reacted to her dead friend first. He had high hopes something kinky would happen.

When Roxxxy arrives, she sees her friend seemingly passed out or sleeping on the bed and approaches her. She looks unconscious even through her eyes are slightly open. But she paid no attention to that, and instead started playing with her friend. She licked and fingered her pussy, all the while, the killer jerked off as he watched her.

Not wanting to wait any longer, the killer creeps up behind Roxxxy and knocks her out. He slowly strips her clothes off, fingers her and licks her sweet pussy. She wakes up. He forces her to suck his cock and then is fucking her. She manages to make an escape attempt. They struggle a bit and soon she is one the floor trying in desperation to get away. He manages to get the garrote around her neck and yanks her back against him. He has a good secure grip, keeps it tight and simply waits it out as she struggles for her life. She was a pretty good fighter, but after several minutes of tongue lashing, leg kicks, spasms, pointed toes and body covered with sweat and drool, she expires. He picks her up on the bed and finished what he started. First, playing with both girls---eating out one and fingering the other. Then, he fucks the second girl until he cums all over her. Finally, poses the two dead girls before leaving.

Peachy Keen Films -Bedroom Killer
Peachy Keen Films -Bedroom Killer
Peachy Keen Films -Bedroom Killer

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