Peachy Keen Films -Kill Them a Lot

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Download PKF - Kill Them a Lot. Stevie and Baby are two hot prostitutes that are ready to get rich and screw over some politicians in their wake. They plot to black-male the Senator they have been servicing. If he doesn't cough up some dough, in fact, one hundred large to be exact, they will put some private photos on the web. The Senator agrees to send his guy over to deliver the goods. The girls know that they have an hour or so to celebrate before the cash shows up. They pop a bottle of bubbly and start to plan hoe to spend. The door flies open after a short knock, and it is Stevie's little sister who just got done with school, and has come over to cause some trouble, and she brought her cute friend Lolita. She grabs the bottle of bubbly and sits down, ordering her friend to grab some more glasses, which she does. The little sister starts to ask what they are up to, and about the photos.
Stevie and Baby break it down and explain the deal. They decide to celebrate more and pop an expensive bottle for the fun. The girls start to feel tipsy and buzzed, and Baby starts to flirt with Jizzabel. After asking her if she liked girls or not, Baby stands up and leads Jizz to the chair where she starts to fondle her perfect tits, and finger her pussy through her lacy panties. As the two get down and dirty, Lolita and Stevie decide to go too. They are all in the throws of contact with lots of kisses, fingering, breast and nipple pinching, and a great deal of moaning and cumming. They all finally climax together and are lying, still rubbing each other as the door knocks. They straighten themselves up and the knock comes again. Stevie realizes it's the money and gets excited. Baby walks to let the man in.
It is "Necro" Nick Manetti, a local hot shot hit man, dressed to kill and ready to roll. He walks in without expression and asks, "Which one of you is Stevie"? "That's me", she replies nas she stands to get her cash. "I have a present and a message from the Senator" says Nick. She waits to get her present but when he pulls his hand from the satchel, he is only gripping a Special Forces issue M190. He cocks back the chamber and asks hem to get up against the wall. Slow moving gets them a gunshot to the ceiling, which straightens them all up to attention and scared. Nick taunts the tow, then turns to the other two on the couch. Stevie begs him not to hurt her little sister and Nick grabs the two on the couch and throws them to the wall. He says that the only thing they will receive today is a pile of lead! They are terrified and he taunts some more before putting the first in her belly, Jizzabel is hurting and doubles over, Necro Nick methodically shoots 16 rounds into 4 girls, each with their own special placement, besides two leg shots that are only there because two of them tried to run. After lots of great death throws, bucking, bleeding, moaning, groaning, yelling, and screaming, Nick finally puts the last one to bed, even knowing he has one more round in the gun, so he gives Baby a Coup De Grace shot to the forehead, making her dead body flinch.
After they are all down and dead, Necro Nick unlimbers his erection and starts to work on each girl, playing with tits and twats, as he jerks his joint. He finally kneels down nest to Lolita and rubs his member on her boobs, then blasting a load on her tits.
He has fulfilled his portion deal, so he grabs his bag, loads the other magazine into his pistol for his next job, then counts all the rounds, making sure he has been thorough. He exits to the next killing soon to come!
Great pans of the dead beauties follows.
Peachy Keen Films -Kill Them a Lot
Peachy Keen Films -Kill Them a Lot
Peachy Keen Films -Kill Them a Lot

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