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Download KILLER IN BLACK - Superheroine / Vilainess kinda movie...with defeat and death...

The girl in catsuit is a profesional assassin...she didn't know where her target was leaving so succeeded to hide in the trunk of his car to his location...

She let him in before to sneak out of the car, being armed of her katana, and chase him in his own house...

She is now behind him, carefuly sneaking to her prey, and raises her katana in order to execute him in the traditional way of her clan, by beheading...

But the target is not an usual one, he is one trained to martial arts and feels her presence, or rather hears the sound of her heels. He quickly turns and in a fast move disarms his attacker...

They fights, she succeeds to put him down, but he takes her with him in his fall...

He chokes her while she tries to reach the nearby katana, she succeeds to grab it but he is stronger, and she looses it again...he keeps on choking her, then wraps his legs around her throat....she eventually passes away...

He handcuffs her...

As she slowely recovers, he starts to fondle her body, this rough bimbo in this outfit aroused him...but she is full of surprises yet and kicks him in the balls. He falls on the floor in pain as she gets back on her feet in a jump.

Although her wrists are cuffed in her back, she fights like a demon with the guy, using her legs to kick him... and putting him down again. She jumps on his face and starts choking him with her booted leg. She squeezes his neck as tight as she can, unable to use her own hands as they are cuffed... she lets her hunger out and orders him to die...

But she can not win this fight.....He finally takes her legs apart and succeeds to get rid of her lethal grip...

He has to make sure she won't be any trouble anymore , so he tightly wraps his hands around her neck...harder and harder....strangling her ...He is so aroused by that fight and the girl, he lets her breath for one second, the time for him to pull down his pants. The zipper of her catsuit is now fully open, revealing her tight ass...He will rape her that way, while squeezing her throat with his strong hands...

She desperatly tries to fight against the rape and the strangulation, kicking around, her ass being screwed while her throat is crushed by the merciless guy....

Death and Darkness come soon...in a few last spasms...

Her clan will receive what left of her in a few days...as a warning from whom they wanted to elimitate...
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#1 wrote: Paulina (8 December 2013 11:42)
I believe that the case sholud be given some time to cool down while Polanski sits in prison, and then speak with Geimer again to see how this matter sholud be addressed. Since it happened to her, and it happened so long ago, the ultimate decision sholud be up to her. I believe that Polanski probably has some mental issues because of what has happened to his wife that was pregnant, though it does not excuse his actions. If I was Geimer, I would let it go if I didn’t want all the attention of the press. But I would want to speak with Polanski face to face and make sure that he understands what he did was not right and that he will be the one that will have what he did on his conscious for and will be dealt with on his judgment day. It was so long ago, and there is no reason to make the victim’s life hell. If Polanski did it repeatedly, that would be another story.

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