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A man that works as a driver for a wealthy family pays a ruthless kidnapper to abduct the sweet young daughter in order to get a large ransom. It begins with the man walking up to a car and handing the driver an envelope with money and an address written on a piece of paper of where to take the girl after grabbing her. The two agree on the terms of the kidnapping. Enjoy KIDNAPPED AND KILLED
We see the girl home alone reading a book. She is suddenly grabbed from behind and chloroformed by the, now masked, kidnapper. She fights but eventually goes out. The man quickly picks her up and carries her out to his car. He goes to work tying her up on screen. He uses rope to tie her ankles together and her hands behind her back. When done he closes the trunk, hops into the driver's seat, and drives off with the girl.
The girl wakes up in a basement tied to a chair, gagged and blindfolded. The man who arranged the kidnapping comes in, to find the kidnapper fondling the victim, he does not like this and pushes the kidnapper away! When done, he makes a ransom call to her rich parents. He removes her gag briefly and forces her to beg her parents for release. When the phone call is done, the kidnapper puts her gag back and the two men both leave the room. The girl struggles to get loose. She fights the ropes. Eventually she is able to get one hand free, and eventually gets out of the ropes. She pulls her gag down so it is hanging by her neck and gets up to make a run for safety, but both men return. The girl is shocked because she recognizes the unmasked man as her family's driver. They quickly grab her and chloroform her again. The man behind the kidnapping realizes they can't let her go now that she knows he's behind it... scared, he decides to quit...and lets the unfortunate victim into the hands of the kidnapper...
The maniac is now free to fulfill his darkest fantasies...He grabs the still half unconscious girl and forces her to a blowjob, before to force her onto a nearby washing machine and, tear her pantyhose apart and rape her...
She still wears the scarf used to blindfold her...he grabs her neck with it and starts to squeeze it...more and more...
The girl desperatly gasps for air as she is strangled while raped...but nothing can stop the monster. She eventually collapses, dead, while he is still fucking her...He still fucks the laying body for a while then cums on her ass and now ripped pantyhose...

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