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Psycho-Thrillers-Eyes On You

Psycho-Thrillers-Eyes On You
Download Eyes On You A young Latina girl has a drinking problem but refuses to get help nor take advice from concerned caring neighbors until it is too late. Returning home from yet another drinking binge she closes her door but someone forces his way in, knocking her against the wall and in a semi-conscious state. He carries her into the living room where he fondles and undresses her then takes his time to taste her young pussy before forcing his cock inside her. She is too weal and drunk to fend him off and can only groan as he plows through her. He fucks her for a while then reaches for her panties, wraps them around her throat and strangles her as he fucks her. The young girl cannot fight her way out of his trap and she slowly fades away. Once she is gone, he continues to sexually abuse her corpse, fucking it hard and repeatedly then spraying his semen all over her belly. He pulls out of her and a trail of urine follows, flushing his semen outside of her. To him she is just another good fuck. He grabs his clothing and prepares to leave.

Psycho-Thrillers-Eyes On You
Psycho-Thrillers-Eyes On You
Psycho-Thrillers-Eyes On You

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