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Dangle for me

Dangle for me
A callgirl meets a fetishist customer in his hotel room. He explained her on the phone what he wanted, so she shows up naked under her long white fur coat, wearing stockings and high heels shoes only... She assumes the guy is the submissive kind so thinks this will be easy...

Indeed all start as a casual fur and foot fetish job, as he begins by playing with her feet, asking the girl to dangle for him, kissing her legs and feet...

He suddenly grabs the girl , putting a rag soaked with chloroform over her mouth and nose...she fights but soon passes out...

The fetishist maniac then puts a stocking over the unconscious girl's head, and gags her with a scarf, he also puts back the shoes she lost in the fight, then abuses that sleeping doll.

She wakes up..He takes the scarf out of her mouth and uses it to strangle her, till she passes out again...Then he takes off the stocking from her head and wraps the scarf around the girl's neck again...She remained unconscious only a few seconds this time, and quickly recovers...He tightens the scarf with all his strenght...causing the girl jerking around and gurggling against her fate...till all is over... Download Dangle for me videos
Dangle for me Dangle for me
Dangle for me

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