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Necro Porn | 19-08-2014, 15:55  

Psycho-Thrillers - Taken 2

Psycho-Thrillers - Taken 2
Psycho-Thrillers - Taken 2 Psycho-Thrillers - Taken 2 Psycho-Thrillers - Taken 2 Psycho-Thrillers - Taken 2

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#1 wrote: Dipali (25 December 2014 10:28)
I'm interested in our deoniitifn(s) of historical fiction. I remember going to a conference on it once, quite a few years ago. What I retained was the difference between historical fiction, which features actual historical people and events, such as Johnny Tremain or The Green Glass Sea, and period fiction, which is set in the past, such as Mildred Taylor's books or Long Way From Chicago, but without specific historical references. It is an interesting distinction, and I'd say that, according to that deoniitifn, most of what we now consider historical fiction is really period fiction.And then what do we do with Little Women and Secret Garden? They sure seem like period fiction now, but when they were written, they were contemporary. Do we need a third term? And if so, what would it be? It's really a shame that the word "classic" has become so overused. Anne, I think I might start using "vintage novels"-- what a great phrase!Katherine, I think "time travel fiction" implies that the characters travel through time, not just the reader.Nick, I also adore Leon Garfield in general and "Smith" in particular.

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