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Jewelry Thieves

Jewelry Thieves
Jewelry Thieves Jewelry Thieves Jewelry Thieves

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#1 wrote: Aap (25 декабря 2014 14:10)
Isn't interesting how one menomt can define you for the rest of your life and how that menomt continues to follow you thought you life, even if you never knew its true meaning. Also I think that when you enter a new chapter of your life you tend to remember the things that brought you there. I happened to me during my fourth year of college and was having a meeting with my academic adviser on decide my course for next semester. I thought it was just for next semester, but it end up being my academic for my whole entire schedule for the next year and a half. I never really thought that things could be decided so easily it just fifteen minutes. Especially, when the issues of apply for graduation came up.When I was walk back I though of this statement: Today, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I am a little bit frightened, a little bit overwhelmed, and a little bit sad of what is nearing, but I can do it. It gave me the feeling, that even though it still is in the middle of semester, that the gap between the real world and college is slowly filling in and soon I will be in the workforce. I did not think that these things could happen so quick until I saw it staring at me right in the face.However, I also made me feel like achieved something great. That through all the struggles I when to as a little kid to the adult I am now all paid off. I guess what I saying is that everybody has these menomts that we feel lost and feel the need to look back to the past to find our answers.I'm glad you found your dragon and thankful that you shared this with us.

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