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Download Psycho-Thrillers - My Beloved Wife Mary Alexandra SilkShe was his type. Dark hair, brown eyes, great figure and a neck he could not take his eyes off. Over the past few weeks working on various projects he would be in meetings with her.
He did all he could not to stare but he almost could not keep his eyes off of her. Her neck was incredible. He would watch the muscles and tendons move underneath the soft skin as she spoke. He studied the shape, how her Adams apple moved, the V at the base, the softness of her skin beneath her chin.

He joined her for a late night dinner. She was talking about how her husband traveled and he was on the way out of town again that day for a few nights. She would be home alone again. He watched her as she talked and swallowed. She had no idea what was on his mind. At one point she tilted her head back to finish the water she had in a bottle. He could not believe it. He felt weak but he almost came in is pants as he watched her throat move. He was trying to control himself but just then she reached up and put her hand on the back of her neck. She threw her head back and began to stretch. She told him she had been working too much and was so stiff. He almost lost it right there but fought for control. His eyes could not leave the column of her throat.

It was almost 3:00 AM as Bill approached our home. He moved slowly and silently as he move up towards the bedroom where Mary lay sleeping. She was laying there covered by just a sheet. He entered the room and moved towards the bed. She was sound asleep, her head back on a pillow and her neck displayed for his pleasure. One arm was lifted over her shoulder and the other was across her stomach. Her nipples were visible as they protruded through the thin covering. He watched her and studied her for several moments. He studied her beautiful. Just then Mary moved. He waited to see what would happen. As she moved the sheet slipped below her breasts. He now had a full view of her. Her chest was raising and falling. He looked around the room and noticed a pair of her pantyhose hanging on the back of a chair.

He moved slowly but deliberately towards the chair and picked up the stockings. Shoving them in is pocked he moved back towards the bed. He watched her for another moment and drank in her beauty. He took a deep breath and with the skill and experience he had developed over the years clamped his hands around her delicate throat. Her eyes shot open and her mouth tried to form a scream but Bill knew what he was doing. He squeezed her neck hard enough to collapse her windpipe so attempting to scream was futile. She also tried to grab at his hands and wrists, the mistake most women made in panic. She writhed and squirmed but he leaned over the bed and used his body weight to press on her throat. Her legs kicked wildly under the sheet but he could already feel her weaken. She began to slow and now a low rattle came from her wide open mouth. Her hands pulled at his wrists but any power she might have had was leaving her. Her arms dropped by her side and her legs fell silent as she lost consciousness. He held for just another moment and she was out.
He released his grip and watched her naked body. He saw her chest rise as she breathed.
Quickly he removed his clothing but kept the ski mask he had covering his face. His cock was rock hard and he was ready to enjoy her. He moved her over the edge of the bed and draped her head over the edge. He could see her throat in full view and almost came at the sight. He began rubbing his cock over her mouth, her lips parting slightly.

She began to regain consciousness and before she could react he pushed his cock into her mouth. "Suck it like your life depended on it! If you do what I say, I won't hurt you." Mary began to suck his cock with incredible expertise. He watched his cock disappear into her mouth and her throat muscles worked to completely engulf him. He wrapped his hands around her neck and massaged the front of her throat with his thumbs. He explored every inch up and down from the hollow at the base to under her chin. His thumbs played with her Adams apple, gently stroking her and feeling the soft vulnerability. He turned her over and was on top of her.

He spread her legs open and began probing her pussy. To his surprise she was actually wet.
She looked up at him with fear and tears in her eyes. He probed the outside of her pussy for a moment and then shoved his cock deep inside her. He began pumping her hard as her eyes and mouth grew wide open. Almost with instinct his hands moved up and clamped around her neck. His intention was not to choke her but to feel her throat as he fucked her. He enjoyed moving his thumbs around caressing her throat, moving her Adam's apple and placing pressure from time to time. Without thinking he moved off of her pulled her up by the hair and spun her around. She was now facing the bed and he was behind her. He pushed her down so she was bent over the bed. He reached down and removed the stockings from his pocket. Holding her hips he thrust inside her from the rear. She was moaning and whimpering as he pounded her ass without mercy.

He pulled out of her and rolled her over again onto the bed. Lifting her legs up in the air he entered her again. She was pleading with him to stop and not to hurt her. He took the stocking now lying on the bed and looped it around her neck twice. It was crossed in the front. Her eyes were wide open and she could not believe what was happening to her. She did not even try to stop him from putting the stocking around her neck. She was paralyzed with fear. Slowly he wrapped his hands around the ends and took up the slack. "You know who I am?" She looked confused. He began to put slight pressure on the stocking as he pumped her. He could see her growing fear but wanted to take his time. "I have watched you for months and wanted you. I have thought about how your stockings would look tightening around your slender throat. I am afraid, Mary that I could no longer stop myself from having you". The look of confusion and fear came over her. The voice she thought she recognized.

The stocking now drew tighter and he fucked her harder. His eyes were riveted on her neck as the ligature tightened, her skin folding around the nylon. Her eyes grew wide, her mouth open, her hands pulling at his arms, legs kicking. Her struggling gave the feel that she was actually fucking him. Her pussy spasmed as she struggled. He bore down on her and pulled with his strength. Her face began to turn purple and her tongue protruded. She panicked and fought with renewed strength but only for a moment. Without releasing pressure he put both ends of the nylon in one hand and reached up to remove his mask. She saw his face in the waning moments of consciousness. Her eyes widened with a mixture of fear and confusion. He reached down and grabbed the end of the stocking again. He kissed her face as he pulled with all his strength. "Goodbye Mary!", he whispered. He pumped her passionately until he exploded inside her. He held pressure longer still remaining hard inside her. Another minute, two, three, five. She was long since gone He could pull no longer and released his grip. He looked down again at her beautiful body, now limp and lifeless. He tied the stocking around her neck as he always had. He positioned her over the edge of the bed. Her head hung over the bed, the socking visible around her neck leaving Mary staring into oblivion. He gathered his things and left, knowing she was his last.

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Download My Beloved Wife Mary

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