» » Psycho-Thrillers - Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 7

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Psycho-Thrillers - Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 7

Psycho-Thrillers - Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 7
Download Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 7. This movie starts with two government assassins plotting to kill the famous Grace X, a world-class assassin. As with most young, upcoming assassins, the young girl makes one mistake by underestimating her opponent. They meet Grace X in a nightclub, befriend her and manage to lure her to their hotel room in the early morning hours after a full night of partying. With the sun now up, they kiss and fondle each other until the young assassin pulls out a gun and points it at Grace X. Instead of killing Grace X right there, she betrays her partner in order to frame him to her superiors as having an affair with Grace X in order to promote herself and take all the credit. She forces Grace to strip her partner and have sex with him but as she moves to the bed to drop her camera phone, she is surprised to see Grace X holding a gun to her head. Seems that the gun the young assassin had given her partner her placed in his pocket, which Grace X discovered while stripping him. The last thing she sees is the cold stare of Grace X as the gun sound explodes in her earlobes. She is left stunned and dead on her feet as Grace turns away to enjoy the hardness of the man's cock. Grace hears the girl's body fall to its knees then flop flat on her face. After gyrating her hot pussy around on the man's cock to keep it hard, she lifts herself off his stiff prick, grabs the young assassin's head and forces her to knee until his cock is inside her open mouth. Grace X forces her head to bob up and down, forcing her to throat his cock again and again before throwing her body off to the side. Arrogant herself, she grabs the camera phone and admires the pictures taken of her sucking and fucking her fellow assassin. She enjoys them so much she doesn't hear the male assassin waking up and grabbing hold of the nylon that bound him earlier. Seconds later, she is cut off from viewing her photos by a tight ligature around the throat and finds herself in the fight for her life. Her first reaction is to reach for the weapon on the bed but can't. The struggle for her life fills the room and Grace X swears the young female dead assassin is smiling up at her in revenge. All of Grace X's training and energy cannot free her from the inevitability of her own death. She realizes this is it as she stands on the tips of her toes, spasming then feeling her heavy arms drop powerlessly to her side. Her kill releases her then taps her so she falls flat on her face. Now its his time. While the bodies are still warm, he carries them and positions them on the bed where he spreads open and fucks each orifice with dominant power with the intent to maim and break their bodies over his hard cock. His cock is a rigid weapon of cruelty, no love within it, only painful grudges. He drives his cock into deep throats, gutting their lifeless voice boxes before pulling out and jacking his sword all over Grace X stiff little tits. It is finally over. He is tired but vindicated, fulfilled, leaving little to nothing for his female counterparts.
Psycho-Thrillers - Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 7
Psycho-Thrillers - Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 7
Psycho-Thrillers - Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 7

786 MB / 00:39:54 / 1440x1080 / wmv

Download Spy Games Black Widow Elimination 7


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