Peachy Keen Films-Kill to join

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Aged Mark lets them know how "sensational" they are even to get this far and that now, there summons embark. He tells the puny damsel, Joey, she will be the very first. She looks ready--more so then the others. Mark leaves the apartment and comebacks with a youthfull doll...she looks funked.

Joey is prompt to understand what she must do and finds the bag utter of garrotes, prefers one, and sets to work. The doll is confused, she is still attempting to get her barrings. Then it is too late. Like the hunter and prey, Joey wraps the garrote firmly around the scanty nymphs neck and ********* her to death.

With that, the rules have been set. The dead gal is carried off and Senior Stacy makes a game switching announcement. There will be no more slaves. Now the marionettes are chosen among the applicants and Joey gets first-ever choice.

Sans much hesitation, she grasps the most nervous-acting doll, Tessa, and fastly ********* her dead with a nylon.

The dead damsel is carried off and now Tessa summons Ginger. But now, the applicants know the costs and Ginger is hasty to engage Joey. They fight, but Ginger gets the upper hand--killing Joey.

She is carried off and Ginger is well-prepped for more. She is overy certain, and that does not bode well for her. Elderly Stacy has her killed by Aged Dave for being too garrulous. Dead Ginger is carried away.

Now, AJ speaks up. Evidently not learning much from the previous demonstration, he boasts that he can kill any one of these chicks. So, Senior Stacy tells him to prefer.

He does. He seizes Kay and ********* the skimpy nymph to death.

But, AJ did not notice Elderly Stacy sneak up behind him. She takes him out hasty, asserting that damsels are just as capable of taking out the garbage.

Bods are liquidated and now it is left to Viva and Chloe. They go at it in a last showdown, but eventually, Viva prevails and kills Chloe.

As Chloe is hauled off, Viva is invited to sit in Aged Stacy' chiar as the winner. Then, she is encountered with the fattest surprise of all.

Peachy Keen Films-Kill to join

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