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inshadow-The Subject of his Obsession

inshadow-The Subject of his Obsession
Lara, the famous singer, is fighting on the phone with her boyfriend, is not the first time.stars are known to be horrible to live with. She closes her mobile and gets into her Mercedes.but Lara has a lot of fans, and some of them are ready to anything to get her. This one, hiding in the back of the car, may be the worse of them, having for longtime a huge fantasy about raping and strangling the subject of his obsession.He does not know why he likes it.but the idea to squeeze the neck of his idol is haunting his dreams for months.years.maybe all this started the day he strangled his own sister. He was a teenager then, and the investigation concluded to an accident.But this is another story..

Today, he is here, hiding in the back of Lara's car.she is nervous, lights up a cigarette.He is nervous too.his gloved hand is shaking, holding the syringe that will make her to sleep and become his object.

Too late for turn back anyway.he raises up..she sees him in the mirror.The whole thing is so fast..her screaming is muffled by the gloved hand while the injection she gets in the neck quickly puts her to sleep.

Lara slowly wakes up to find herself bound and gagged.She is still dazed so barely understand what is going on.but the guy is standing there, in front of her, holding a gun in his hand..

No time for words anymore.the fan became a machine.at gunpoint, he forces Lara to suck him first, then to take off her clothes..

He then rapes her.Lara is begging but it is useless.the fan became an animal.Lara's scarf was around on the bed ..He grabs it and wraps it around Lara's neck.tightening it..more and more.

When he finally reaches the orgasm..the girl of his dreams is laying stiff.in front of him, eyes wide open.
inshadow-The Subject of his Obsession inshadow-The Subject of his Obsession
inshadow-The Subject of his Obsession

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#1 wrote: Yasteel (25 December 2014 09:49)
Yum! Okay well lately this has been my smohtoie combo: 2 large handfulls of spinach, 1 small frozen banana, scoop of protein power, 1T flax seed, 1/4C yogurt, 3 ice cubes, 1C So Delicious coconut milk (not from a can). Top with a sprinkle of kasha and 1 strawberry sliced and a light drizzle of sunflower butter. Fave!

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