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Necro Porn | 2-05-2013, 03:26  

Double Hit

Double Hit
A couple of lesbians is suspected of having planned the murder of one of their husband for his money. Due to the lack of evidences, they escaped the trial and are now quietly enjoying their life together....But for "The league of the Judges", a secret association of people determinated to make justice in the shadow, this case needs a sentence. And one of their hitmen is in charge...

It is cold outside, but Christine needed a cigarette, she didn't hear him sneaking just behind her... He quickly put a gloved hand over her mouth and started to strangle her with the other one. They felt in the snow, she struggled as she could but eventually passed out...

Syrena came out as well...wondering why it was taking so long for her lover to get back...he knocked her out the same way...

The two girls were now laying on the floor inside the house, still unconscious and naked...this had to look like a wicked killer job...So the hitman slowly tightened one of the girl's stockings between his fists, and wrapped it around both girls necks, then started to tighten it more and more...

They both woke up under this pressure on their throat and lack of air, and started to fight against their fate...

It was not an easy job for the professional killer, strangling two struggling gals in the same time using those stockings, quite an effort....but job is done and he is now waiting for the next one...

Double Hit Double Hit Double Hit

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