Peachy Keen Films-Pussy Roulette part 2

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Pussy Roulette 2. Starring Lily LaBeau. Directed by JohnM

Tony has made some opponents, firm fellows that will do anything to remain on top. One such dude has come looking for Tony, but all he finds is Lily, TonyТs gf. Pointing his revolver at her, he requests to know where Tony is, but she just jiggles her head, the rest of her shivering in dread, telling that she doesnТt know. Pointing the gun lower, he menaces to shoot her in the slit if she doesnТt tell him. Tears streaming down her face, she begs with the guy to not hurt her, continuing to insist that she doesnТt know where Tony is. The dude coerces her to disrobe, flagellating out a change blade and cutting her lingerie off her when she doesnТt stir prompt enough for him.

He orders her to her knees and says that if she can gargle his man sausage supreme enough, then maybe heТll let her go. HeТs trussed her palms behind her back, so it has to be a no-hands oral job. She licks his rod as if her life depended on it, which it does. Gasping herself on its length, spit runs down her chin, giant strings of slaver fastening his turgid schlong to her face. Abruptly, he grips her by the hair and elevates her up, leaning her over a table and forcing himself inwards her revealed orgy. УNo! Not my ass!Ф she pleads the fellow, but he just laughs as he packs himself into her cock-squeezing crevice. The arousal is too much for him and Lily weeps as she can sense him empty his nut sack into her. Thinking that he would like a bit more privacy for his next game, he loops a lump of string around her neck and gasps her into unconsciousness.

She awakens in a dark basement, bare except for her high stilettos, roped to a tabouret. He joys in her tyranny and swings his gun around, keeping her on brim, afraid of what tantalizes he has in store for her. Getting on all fours down inbetween her gams, she is overwhelmed to perceive his tongue lapping at her tender cooter. Getting her raw, from both his slaver and the excitement his proficient tongue kindles, he pulls out his rod from his trousers and pushes it into her once again. Fuckin' his captive violently, itТs not lengthy before he adorns her in a new frosting of his spunk. Now he can get back to questioning her. He liquidates all the bullets from his revolver, but one, and pressing the end of the barrel right on her mons Venus, plays a fierce variation on the old school game of Russian Roulette. She tenses as he pulls the trigger. A powerful click is heard, as the strike grounds on an empty chamber. Flipping the cylinder, he puts the cold, iron end once more against her clean patch of pubic hair. The strike descends and, again, there is no bullet, the mechanical click the only sound. The strain is too much and LilyТs bladder unleashes, the odor of urine and dread adding to her misery. On and on it heads, LilyТs eyes bulbous with despotism, wondering how this evil game will end.

Eventually, her luck runs out and a noisy fountain echoes thru the grim chamber. Lily squeals, eyes broad in anguish, as a bullet tears thru her slit from the front to the booty end. She squirms in anguish, a pool of blood collecting underneath her. The stud looks on detached, but is unwilling to wait for his smash fucktoy to bleed out. Positioning a plastic bag over her head, he holds it in place, her desperate chokes for air vying with the burning agony from where the sizzling iron torn thru her pelvis, nerve endings usually associated with elation transmitting intolerable pain. Her last moments being unspoiled torment, each 2nd an eternity, the lack of air eventually turns her fights into yanks and seizures representing brain death. Liquidating the bag, the guy leaves her trussed to the stool, nude, degraded, tantalized and frosted in jizz. Saying Tony where to find her should send the suitable message.

Peachy Keen Films-Pussy Roulette part 2

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