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Peachy Keen Films-Gun Fun Nicole 1

Peachy Keen Films-Gun Fun Nicole 1
This is the best PKF Gun-Fun™ I have made to date. I realize I said that last time, but it's the truth. This one is crazy good. If you have never got a Gun-Fun, I encourage you to try this.

These are writhing, sexy, spasmic deaths with lots of moans and groans!!! There are lots of combos with both girls and a variety of story-lines

These stories are longer then regular gun-funs with more begging, pleading, torment and other interactions. Many of the deaths are multiple shot with linger scenes of agony and suffering.

There is a mix of machinegun and pistol shots.

There are around
20 Scenes!!!
100's of Shots

There are many belly shots, breast and chest shots and a few head shots.

There is good girl, bad girl, bitchy girl, executions, and more.

In addition, I added enhanced sound effects to all of the scenes. There are many high quality effects throughout including a complete machine-gun sequence with muzzle flash, hits, and casing ejection. I even added jiggly-boob slow motion to many scenes with corrected sound--it's HOT HOT HOT!!!!

There are outfit changes, partial and full nudity!

Peachy Keen Films-Gun Fun Nicole 1
Peachy Keen Films-Gun Fun Nicole 1
Peachy Keen Films-Gun Fun Nicole 1

1080 MB / 00:33:04 / 1280x720 / wmv

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