Peachy Keen Films -Hillbilly hospitality 2

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Hot Young Ladies alone and vulnerable in the wilderness with brutal, hungry mountain men ready to enjoy their tender young secrets. The Hillbilly mountain men did it once before in the original Hillbilly Hospitality, and now theyТre back for more! Chalk up another sexy and arousing movie for MaX.

While on a rafting trip, four pretty girls and their guides stop to render aid to a stranded boater. The guides stay by the river bank to make the needed repairs, while the girls take a walk up a wooded trail in search of a private place to pee, finally stopping by some old picnic tables. Little do they know that theyТre not alone in them thar woods! The Hillbilly foursome from Hillbilly Hospitality is back, and they have has definite plans for the sexy young ladies. Guess these girls wonТt be needing those bikinis any more as the fellas move in to sample their intimate goodies.

IТve never seen a spread this delicious on any picnic table before! Weather you prefer a breast or a thigh doesnТt matter because thereТs plenty to go around. The girls are quickly subdued and then get to watch as one by one they are tossed on the adjacent picnic table, roughly stripped naked, and then raped and strangled to death. One girl manages to break free and make a run for it back down the trail to her raft, only to find that her guides have already been dispatched. No help coming from them. She quickly winds up on the wrong end of a gun and ainТt goinТ anyplace as Hillbilly Lucky puts a slug in her belly, strips her bikini off her beautiful, wide-eyed body, and then enjoys her tight little secrets right there in the raft. Meanwhile, the last sexy victim is quietly finishing her losing struggle on the picnic table as she is brutally pumped back and forth, all of her most private secrets now the property Hillbillies.

Several minutes later all is quiet again at the small camp site as the girls lay naked, raped and strangled with their tender pink secrets on provocative display. Dead girls really donТt care what you look at, or touch, orЕЕ. The picnic is over for now, but will the Hillbillies be back for sloppy seconds? Maybe the girls shoulda been listening for dueling banjos before going down that secluded trail to pee in the woods.
Peachy Keen Films -Hillbilly hospitality 2
Peachy Keen Films -Hillbilly hospitality 2
Peachy Keen Films -Hillbilly hospitality 2

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