Peachy Keen Film-Schoolgirl Snuff Education-The Attack

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Download PKF-Schoolgirl Snuff Education-The Attack. irst day of class in this exclusive private all girl school and the school nurse was on hand to give the girls a special lesson.
For the next 25 minutes she demonstrated how to masturbate. This included masturbating herself. Then she had all the girls masturbate and she helped them out as well.
After the whole class has a group orgasm, she has them all start getting with each other for some fun.
Meanwhile, two creepy guys are watching the action and they have silenced guns on hand.
Check out part 2 to find out what they do with those guns.
Two men walk into the room full of hot schoolgirls and a pretty nurse. All of them were making out with each other as part of their sex education class.
The men broke it up, then started tormenting the class of students.
The first, gathered all the cell phones, then made Nurse Cunthaven stand with her nose touching the chalkboard.
They spend time with every girl, threatening them with guns, then rubbing them in inappropriate ways through their thin or shear fabric of their uniforms.
Eventually, they started playing with the Nurse, but in a panic she tried to run and caught two slugs in her back. She went down, flipped on her back and was screaming in agony. The man went over and finished her off with a few more shots into her torso. As she expired, she urinated all over the floor.
The class was stunned at their teachers death. So, they instantly decided to kill off each girl. They grabbed little Nikki and started to make her stand up against the wall. She was scared, but then they gave her a reprieve and made her sit on the desk. She was relieved, only to be suddenly shot dead with three shots to her breast. She was alive for a moment longer with shallow breaths and a surprised, scared look, then died, letting her bladder go.
Brandy then volunteered to do what they told her too, unfortunately for her, that was to be shot also. The man unloaded several rounds into her chest and she slumped dead. Suddenly a waterfall of pee pooled on her chair and rained off to the floor.
Suddenly, Viva bolted down the hall, but was quickly gunned down with three shots to her back. She ended up on her back, and died, letting her bladder go too.
Soleil was begging but they dragged her to the floor and executed her like a dog--three shots and she was twitching, then dead. Her bladder released a yellow stream which ran across the floor.
Now, they had two girls left. They tormented them a bit more, then brought Tessa up and both executed her agains the wall. She slid down dead letting out a stream of yellow fluid.
Finally, they had Elizabeth sitting on the desk masturbating for them, but when they decided she did a rotten job, her goose was cooked and 3 rounds into her knocked her on the floor where she died and---you guessed it, released her bladder.
All 7 of the girls were dead. They decided to make sure. One by one they went to each girl and put 3-4 shots in them.
Now, they had a room full of dead beauties. What to do....
Find out in part 3...
7 dead girls sitting in their desks in a circle. One by one the guys pay attention to each.
Some girls get cocks rubbed on them and use the schoolgirls dead hand to stroke cock. Pussies and tits are rubbed.
Elizabeth gets a cock in her mouth and her pussy rubbed, then later, another cock in her mouth and some more rubbing.
Soleil takes a big cock and ends with cum on her face and tits.
Little Nikki gets some dick in her dead mouth.
Tessa loves cock and gets a mouthful as well as her pussy and tits rubbed.
Later, Brandy is laying on the desk, cock in her mouth. Then she is fucked and even later is fucked while giving a dead blow job. Both cream all over her.
Then Brandy is taken away and replaced by Tessa. She gets the same treatment, ending with loads of cum all over her dead face and pussy.
The boys are spent. They came (literally, the came all over), they saw, they attacked and torment---then they killed every last one. Finally, they fondled and fucked the dead schoolgirls until they were exhausted.
Until next time. Adieu.
Students in Panic!
Massacre unfolding!!!
Hold up in their classroom while there classmates ran out to be slaughtered, 3 seniors, just 18 years old, and their teacher huddle together in fear. They listen. Now, there is only the occasional scream and shot....then silence.
There teacher, trying to be a hero, leaves the classroom to get help. Rat-tat-tat, the machine-gun is heard. They know she is dead.
Now they wait, huddled together in terror.
The student enters. He is fully equipped and these pretty girls are the last alive.
He has been teased all his life and now it was pay-pack time. They would be sure to remember his name after today.
He terrorizes them, gropes them and he pays special attention to Ashley. He asked her to prom last week. She say no of course.
He turns casually, realiszing Juliette is walking away quietly. He pulls out his Glock and shoots her through the back--the bullet coming out her abdomen. She stops, arches back, then falls to her knees, then forward to the floor. She rolls over gyrating in agony.
He watches her suffer a bit the rakes her across the chest with his MP5. In the settling of smoke and crimson mist, she is dead. He then spends time with her while the others cower behind him and watch in horror.
When he is done, he does Monicka next. Sitting her in a chair, he gives her a little hope before filling her full of holes. She is almost dead, but not quite. He single fires a shot into her chest, finishing her.
Then, he spends time checking her out--exploring her hot teenage body thoroughly.
Finally, it is time for Ashley, the reason for all....this.
He forces her to strip, then once she is on the teachers desk, makes her suck his cock real good. Once it is nice and hard, he lays her on her back and fucks her. He has always wanted to and it was perfect. He fucked her for a while before shooting her in the belly.
She clutches the wound, blood oozing out between her fingers--she is in agony. He keeps fucking her, but something is wrong. He needs something more to cum then just a writhering, suffering hot blonde girl.
Oh, now he knows.
He places his pistol against her breast and fires twice, though her heart, killing her.
Dead, he now gets the reaction he wants as her pussy tightens around his cock, then relaxes, allowing him to shoot his load all over her belly.
Hearing the sirens, it was time to make his last stand and he heads out, leaving carnage in his wake.

Peachy Keen Film-Schoolgirl Snuff Education-The Attack

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