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Necro Porn | 23-08-2012, 11:52  

Die By The Gun

Die By The Gun
Die By The Gun Die By The Gun Die By The Gun

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#1 wrote: Tintinhasfacial (25 December 2014 09:12)
This article doesn't stack up. There are seevarl kinds of gun deaths. Firstly is murder, which is what you wanted to talk about. And sure, you aren't going to eradicate murder by having strict gun control laws, but you are going to make it less accessible it is going to be much more difficult for a person to be successful in carrying out a murder plan or a massacre without a gun. Consider a school shooting in which a teenager was not able to get hold of a gun: what do they do? Go round trying to stab everyone? Sure people might still get hurt, but a knife is less deadly and it is easier to overcome the person. Same goes for most murder situations the victim stands a better chance when the criminal is not armed. But then there are all the deaths that occur in the heat of the moment, spouses who get into heated fights and happen to have a gun nearby, home owners shooting vandals or thieves. Vandalism and theft is not acceptable, but it does not warrant being killed by a nervous gun owner. And even just consider suicide victims. Suicide by the use of a firearm is the most common method in the USA where firearms are very accessible. I do not doubt that many people would try to commit suicide another way if they could not access a gun, but it would probably be a less lethal method guns are one of the most lethal of all suicide methods meaning some people may be saved and get the help they need. Having the ability to own something that is designed to kill people should not be a right. And all of this stands without even pointing out that the constitution originally allowed guns for a reason that is no longer relevant.

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